How To Make Beef Strganoff


How To Make Beef Stroganoff


2 lbs prime hamburger filet or sirloin

39 g flour partitioned

1 drug onion, diced

227 g button mushrooms cut down the middle

14 g margarine

57 g demi-glace*

59 ml hamburger stock

150 g acrid cream

Salt and pepper to taste


Cut meat along the grain into strips 1 inch long by ¼ inch wide; season with salt and pepper. Hurl in 4 T (8 g) of flour, holding 1 T for sauce. In an enormous pot over medium-high warmth, cook meat until seared; move to a plate; put in a safe spot. Add onions and mushrooms to the container; keep cooking until light dark-colored; move these to the plate with meat. Include margarine and remaining 1T flour to the container, blending continually over low warmth for 2 minutes. Mix in demi-glace, hamburger juices, and acrid cream; add salt and pepper to taste. Include meat, onions, and mushrooms; heat delicately on low 15 minutes (don’t stew).

*Purchase demi-glace at Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, or; or lessen an excellent hamburger stock or consommé.

Serve over buttered pasta or rice or with potato straws in the more commonplace Russian design.

How To Make Beef Strganoff

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