Shredded Carrot Salad With Orange

 Here is a carrot salad with orange vitamin for this time of year, during the month of Ramadan we need fresh salads especially as it is very hot. It's the orange season so you have to take advantage of it, if you have some orange segments left you can add them to your carrot salad.I added sesame seeds for a little crunch. A grated carrot salad to be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge so that the flavors blend and the carrots soak up the orange juice and balsamic vinegar.

Shredded Carrot Salad With Orange


- 3 carrots

1 orange

1 tsp of balsamic vinegar

a pinch of cinnamon

juice of 1/2 lemon

segments of an orange (optional)

salt pepper

raisins, pine nuts (optional)

sesame seeds


Grate the carrots, squeeze the orange and lemon juice.

Place in a salad bowl, add the orange juice and the lemon juice.

Add the salt and pepper balsamic vinegar, Mix everything.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds, raisins, and pine nuts (if using them).

Keep in cool until serving. 

Shredded Carrot Salad With Orange

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