Roasted Carrots with Garlic and Thyme

 Here is a perfect little recipe: very simple and tasty. You need 5 minutes and a few carrots… think of yourself as an everyday magician!


For 4 persons

8 nice carrots

3 tablespoons of olive oil

Garlic powder


Fleur de sel and pepper


Take an extra carrot, put on a pointed hat that shines… and here you are officially named “The good carrot fairy”! Preheat your oven to 210 ° C. Place a baking sheet on a baking sheet. Perfect the equipment is ready, we move on to carrots. Start a stopwatch… DRING is GONE! Wash your carrots thoroughly and cut them lengthwise into 4s or 6s (depending on the thickness of the carrot) to make like large carrot fries.

2Place them skin side down on the baking sheet. Pour your oil into a small bowl and with a brush lightly brush the carrot fries with the oil. A quick glance at the stopwatch ... Sprinkle garlic powder over the carrots, then thyme and finish with fleur de sel and pepper. CHRONO… so little time!

3And hop in the oven! Your roasted carrots will cook at 210 ° C between 20 min and 30 minutes. To be sure they are cooked, prick them with the tip of a knife, your carrots should be tender. You can serve them with a good prime rib ... a treat!

To finish

So the carrot fairy? Wouldn't we also be the Chrono fairy? Find all my recipes on my blog See you soon!

Cook, savor… then if you wish, share/post (below) your opinion on this recipe.

Roasted Carrots with Garlic and Thyme

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